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He grew too fast… said the doctors. That was their reasoning for recommending me to wear braces on my legs. Metal supports inside and out with leather belts to buckle around my legs; these came with shoes (boots) in the choice of brown or black. Most people today would recognise them from the movie “Forrest Gump”. Forrest had to wear them too. My younger brother wore his for 18 months and I had mine for 3 years. We were very fortunate to get support from the Shriners Hospital for Children for the consultation from the hopital’s doctors and the braces themselves. Aside from the teasing I got from my classmates I do remember one special event. Spring – 2nd Grade – Track and Field competitions. It was the first time I could take them off for good. I was entered in the relay race and everyone on my team was sure I’d be a dead weight.

Guess what? . . . we won!

“Run, Forrest, Run”

Wrestling –


I remember being 12-years old and not fitting into my size 38 jeans anymore.  Man, I cried.

I also made-up my mind to do something about it. As a young man I competed as a wrestler. My most challenging opponent however, has continued to be my battle with food.

I did pretty well in high school, moving my way up through tournaments to the Missouri State Championships and a college scholarship.  At the university level I found myself spending more of my free time singing and dancing.  My wrestling experience reflects a lot on my personality with regard to self-dicipline and approaching challenges.

Bodybuilding –

I have always been inspired by acrobats and gymnasts. They have incredible strength and maintain flexibility just by lifting their own bodies against gravity. Over the years I have often not had the luxury of a gym or fitness studio; thus I have devised a work-out for myself that can happen anywhere I find the time. Basic exercises like push-ups, hand stands, lunges, stretching and yoga positions comprise the majority of my exercises. Often a chair, broomstick or a bit of floorspace is all I need to start. Nutrition is a very important factor – how you fuel your engine will determine how well it performs. I have my own bag of tricks with regard to light or heavy resistance, the order and speed of exercises, etc.; but the best results have come from the discipline of doing something on a regular basis. It has become a natural part of my daily rhythm.

I would love to hear your comments and fitness philosophies.

Inliners –

In the early 90’s I got my first pair of In-liners. I was never good at ice-skating but this is different somehow… it’s more like flying.

I learned on the streets of Manhattan and still love to burn up the asphalt with my wheels. Actually, I burn up a set of wheels every summer!

Motorcycle –

In 2005 I slept in my car for several months. The money I saved on rent went into a German motorcycle license! Yahoo!!! It was worth every backache!

Spring of 2006 found me on my own Yamaha XJ 600.

‘Nuf said…

mikes bike