MK_garage_doors_1Back in school; I mean WAY BACK… I began singing in choir. It has been a love of mine my whole life. With the inspired instruction from Lisa Ehlmann, Joyce Blaylock, George Pinney and Prof. Robert Stoll I found myself with a hobby I couldn’t shake. I decided to discontinue my academic studies of Biology and Pre-Medicine and give my full attention to music and theater at a professional level.

When I was 17… it was a very good year… I began working professionally for the St. Louis Union Station Entertainment Company. My first musical production however was “Baby” at Indiana University. Thus followed two years of summer stock at The Little Theater on the Square in Sullivan, Illinois. “A Chorus Line” and a beautiful learning/working relationship with Indiana University’s Singing Hoosiers led me to a once in a lifetime opportunity: I.U. was doing a production of Leonard Berstein’s “Mass” for Mr. Bernstein’s 70th Birthday celebration at Tanglewood, Mass. Wow!

My mind was set and I had to try my luck in the Big Apple! Whether or not that was a prudent decision can be discussed at length in other blogs.

Now, 20 years later I have a nice fat resumé full of cool shows and colleagues from around the world! I would like to mention that at I.U. I saw a video of “Sweeney Todd” which blew my mind. That year the touring company of “Les Misérables” came to our town. Both of these productions have been the lampstead in my pursuit of a musical theater career. I am proud to have had the honor of playing “Javert” in the Duisburg production of “Les Mis”.

. . . . . . . . .


a list of shows and various pictures from the last two decades.

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

as the overly sensitive, Frank

Who Killed Humpty Dumpty?

behind that smile he was a bad egg

The Wizard of Oz

as the Tin Man

Hello Dolly!

my first international tour as Cornelius Hackl


Kiss Me, Kate

backstage on another U.S. national tour


Aids Benefit in Hamburg

forget your troubles, c’mon, Get Happy!

Piraten (The Pirates of Penzance)

with a special visit from the Queen mother (? at every performance?)





and his brother, the Rum Tum Tugger


their father, Old Deuteronomy


Jellicle Cats

Jellicle Cats

Les Misérables


Falco Meets Amadaeus

don’t mess with Johnny Klein


Schwejk It Easy!

the GoGo Man


Rocky Horror Picture Show




the jailbird


called, Woof


Ben Hur Live

Judah Ben Hur vs. Messala

Europa Park

Eine musikalischer Weihnachtsmarkt

TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 3

Rafiki getting ready to preach the circle of life

MK King Louis