I introduced myself to Wayne Levonitis and his family having heard them speaking English in front of a small church in our neighbourhood. We knew we were destined to play together and now the time is right!

*     S     *     U     *     B     *
*     M     *     A     *     S     *    T     *     E     *     R     *     S     *



Drawing inspiration from the classic rock gods of the early 70’s, you will just have to listen for yourself to further classify this style of rock-n-roll.

Here trying out new songs and recorded directly from  a rehearsal in Feb, 2012

    • The Lonely One
    • J.E.M.S.
    • Fool To Believe
    • Doomed
    • Poncho Villa


> Wayne Levonitis – Vocals / Guitar

> Julian Logvinenko Avril – Guitar

> Radek Rzęsa – Drums

> Michael Knese – Bass / Vocals

Rocking at a venue near you!