As you read the following, perhaps you would like a musical treat from my first soul band,  More Town Soul

    • Hold On, I’m Comin’

or, something lighter that I’ve recorded alone

    • Betcha By Golly Wow

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In May of 2008 I was asked by the owner of Rickenbacker’s Music Inn (Bundesallee 194b, Berlin) to host a weekly jam session or ‘open stage’ concentrating on the styles of Soul & Funk. I realized this was exactly the kind of thing I had been hoping for, and heartily agreed. I was also fortunate to bring in a small group of musicians I am proud to work with; not only for their musical prowess, but also because of their incredible positive energy:

Jürgen Bailey – Guitar / Vox

Mike Watts – Bass / Vox

Joe DiCarlo – Drums

Soul & Funk House Band

We try to provide a forum for musicians, singers and artists who share a love for Soul and Funk.

Check out our myspace address with this link:

In an effort to make the evenings interesting for musicians and audience alike; I have made it my goal to bring new ideas (new songs) to each session.  “Ain’t No Sunshine'” is fantastic, and there are many reasons why people want to sing, play and hear it. But if that song shows up each week, it gets old fast. Many times a group of musicians will gather onstage but no one knows the same tune.

“Freedom of expression comes most easily when the boundaries are well defined.” – The Director’s Journey by Mark W. Travis

Thus, I have begun a Setlist-catalogue from song-suggestions of everyone involved. I have also begun an archive of sound files, lyrics and Lead Sheets for all the tunes our house musicians have played to open the session. If later in the evening musicians are at a loss for ideas, we can draw upon these tunes as a starting point. Feel free to ask for these learning materials and I’ll see you Monday!

Here is a video from our 1st session on June 2nd, 2008

The other objective is to begin a contact list of all the musicians and singers who are involved. Have I forgotten your name? Please let me know.

mike on mic

At Rickenbacker’s we have the ability to record the entire evening as an MP3 file.

Would you like a copy? Bring along your USB Stick or eMail me at:

We would greatly appreciate your suggestions and attendance!

See you Monday!

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After a full year of music, I had to leave for a world tour with BEN HUR LIVE. The session continues under the generous leadership of Jürgen and Mike. They have also opened up the session to greet all styles!

The Monday session is now known as:

Monday Night Pro Jam Session

Hope to see you there!!!

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Below I’ve added some more video material from past sessions…