Having gathered wonderful horsemanship and swordsmanship skills from BEN HUR LIVE, I auditioned for an outdoor-action spectacle that called for actors with just such a skillset. I met with Peter Schneider and secured the role of “Heinrich von Sayn” in what is to be the first in a historically based trilogy around the characters of Germany’s legendary Inquisitor, Konrad von Marburg, Elisabeth von Thüringen (later sainted by the Catholic Church), and my role of Heirich. It is fascinating REAL subject matter, and I am surprised it hasn’t been plundered by the film industry.



Peter and I talked freely about his plans for the production and agreed that I should also take on the additional duties of music supervisor. For the next 3 months I immersed myself in an amazing world of medieval music and modern film scoring. I wanted to stay true to the composers of the time (1100-1200) and yet allow for heavy rock-laden action sequences our modern audiences have grown to expect in film. Local public libraries and YouTube gave me a large body of material for inspiration. Thus I beefed up my sound library and began sequencing my compositions on my laptop.

Here are a few music selections and their scenic descriptions:

Introduction / Prologue :  our narrator establishes the scope of the story, then we are introduced to two young maidservants gossiping about men before they get a nasty suprise…

    • Intro / Prologue

Konrad explains the evils of the world and is playfully challenged to a duel by the fearless Landgrave, Ludwig. Sword vs. Staff – guess who wins?

    • Sie waren… anders…

My variations on the traditional German folk song “Maienzeit” were used as the character theme for our healing earth mother, Myriam. After she revives young Ludwig, Konrad is left to ponder his newfound infatuation with the lovely Elisabeth…

    • Myriam to Konrad

We had the good fortune to work with Adreas Leffler and his colleagues from the Drachenpagode in Munich, who filled out our cast of fighters, stuntmen and stuntwomen!. Peter arranged that we could stay in a restored castle that is now used as a youth hostel. The castle and land were actually owned by my character, Heinrich von Sayn. Click here for more about the castle.

a section of wall from the Jugendherberge Freusburg

Here is our first teaser video

part of the job
part of the job