Let’s just forget how to spell it and agree that there is nothing so cool as voices raised in song. Through my choir history I have always had a love for this art form. I began to arrange songs for multiple voices in high school and as an adult had the opportunity to work with two great groups.



Berlin, 2000 – I met Travis Shaw through some collegues at the English Theater Berlin and we began working on a quartet. Our group was short-lived as I couldn’t get gigs fast enough before my members left for more financially profitable ventures.
It was however, a time of great inspiration and joy for me.


Travis Shaw, Ben Alguso, Svetlana Jovanovic / Rebecca Steinberger

Here’s a little taste so you’ll know why it’s acappella so good you gotta have… s’more

    • Temptation
    • Cum Together

. . . . . . . . .

Harmony Central – www.harmonycentral.de

harmony centralGermany, 2008 – I got a call from Alex C. Ludwig regarding his project, Harmony Central… one of the best groups in Europe with THE definitive ‘vocal acrobat’ / ‘beatbox’ / ‘human percussionist’ / etc. …there is simply NOT a classification for this man = Peter Stohl.

Bandmembers (in photo):

Alex C. Ludwig, Marvin Broadie, Anna-Marie Testroet, Peter Stohl, Ulla Ihm

Here, a short video from the spring of 2008

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I wish all the former collegues of these projects great luck and God’s Blessings…