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Here is the promotion video for one of the most exciting projects I have had the honor to be associated with, BEN HUR LIVE.  I played Ben Hur’s nemeis, Messala. Swords, sand, gladiators, two life-size galleys, chariot race with all the stunts from the film, a fantastic story, directed by Philip Wm. McKinley and music by Stewart Copeland… who could ask for more?! Our premiere in London’s O2 Arena was a blessing. The gods were pleased with our first european tour and have granted us a second run two years later in ROME! Keep your eyes open for this one!

This video is the result of a mixing and mastering workshop I held with collegues at Europa Park. Our acrobat (singer), Bruno Fratani, asked me how to improve his vocal recordings. For our workshop he chose to cover a song from Usher (actually Usher covered this from Phil Collins); but because we couldn’t find a playback, I made this on my laptop. Main vocals were recorded between shows in our dressing room and the backings in my room. I am very proud of the work we have done and wish Bruno all the best for his career, his family and his future!

Singing a beautiful christmas song by Johnny Hallyday at the Globe Theater in Europa Park (Rust, Germany)

Here are lovely memories playing ‘Munkustrap’ in the Berlin production of CATS

Someone was generous enough to also post these two clips from an evening when I playing ‘Gus/Growltiger’ from CATS in Berlin

Singing with Harmony Central in the spring of 2008

This video entails my contribution to the second act of Justin Lépany’s Podcast Opera. The Opera has 5 acts and a brief 20 minutes long; “the average time an European worker travels to work every morning. 20 Minutes of rare idleness! 20 Minutes for an opera!” It was a very interesting project in cooperation with and Kulturstiftung des Bundes. I invite you to click here for more information.